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Plastic Radios


1954 Westinghouse, Dual speaker



1953 Capehart Model T-522

I have 4 of these, Red, Ivory, Grey and a Black & Turquoise custom paint.

They only came in the first three colors from the factory.



1949 Emerson Model 645 with " Fan-tenna "

with this radio I also have the original shipping box and receipt for purchase

The antenna lifts up from the back of the unit in a fan or "shark fin" look. Then hides away when in not in use.



1950 Packard Bell

I have 4 of these. Black, Red, White and Yellow


1950 RCA

PCR-5   "Pepsi Cooler" - Plaskon


General Television and Radio Corp

model 5B5,  circa 1946,  Black and Cream Plaskon case, grill and knobs


  Sorry about the flash from the camera...........One day I will learn how to take pictures

Typical AA5 chassis by the Hazeltine Corp. (who made a lot of chassis for many radio different radio manufacturers)






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