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I thought I would do a continuing update page so that people could look on here and see if I have put anything new on my website.

So here goes: 

11/07/08   created update page. Added pictures of newest battery eliminator to "for sale" page.

11/21/08  updated personal collection page to reflect US and non-US radios and misc. electronics in my collection.

12/02/08  updated and moved several pictures for the US and non-US radios. Added some pictures in Wooden, Plastic and Bakelite collection.

12/15/08  added new rocks projects to Trish's painted rock sculptures page.

12/19/08  added Sonora WAU-243 to my restoration page as well as the the "personal collection" page

12/20/08  added some new pictures of some battery eliminators on the "items for sale" page

1/25/2009  added some pictures to the personal collection page.

3/23/2009 fixed several issues with the alignment on the pages...more of an administrative issue than an informational issue but still.....changes.

4/01/2009  added a link on the cool Links page to Antique Radios Pictorial Archive.

4/17/2009  added some bakelite radios to the Non-US radios on my personal collection page.

8/8/2009  fixed some missing some links. Some of the past updates on this page mysteriously ended up missing. As I cannot remember the dates, they have not been added back. I added some pictures to the plastic radio page in my collection.

10/22/2009  a long time since I updated anything. Today I added something to the about us page on turn around times for repairs or restorations.

06/04/2010  once again.....a long time since I have updated anything...sorry.  Today I added some stuff to the Radio Restorations page. I also added an additional page on installed external jacks for iPods, Mp3 players and assorted other external audio sources. I also added a radio on my Personal Radio Collection page under Plastic Radios.

07/10/2010   updated the items for sale page and created a radios for sale page and link.







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