External iPod, Mp3, CD or Satellite jack

installed in Antique Tube Radios


     This page shows a couple of pictures of how the jack looks, were it will be located (approximately) and what it will look like when installed in a radio. While these pictures don't reveal a lot, what they do reveal is that fact that this little mini jack is very unassuming and will not detract from the overall appearance of, the performance of or the collectability of an Antique Tube Radio.

      The price of installing this feature is $50.00 US

       If you want to add this to your personal radio please email me and we can make arrangements for you to send it to me. If you want to add this to a radio that I am restoring or refurbishing for you then obviously no extra shipping charges will be assessed. Likewise if you are purchasing a radio from me and wish to have one of these handy little items installed (if it is not already) then just let me know and I will adjust the final invoice to reflect the charge.

      As I mentioned on a previous page....there are some (approx 10%) of the radios out there that will not be able to have this feature installed. Please email me your inquiries to me. You will have to know the manufacturer ( RCA, Westinghouse, Sparton, Fada...etc) and the model number and the approximate year of manufacture. If these are not available or you do not know them....please send some pictures along with your inquiry. This will begin the process and we can go from there.

       Thank you,  Jeff



Actually the mount you see just below the external jack actually has nothing to do with the jack itself

it just happens to be below the jack. I did it that way to make the jack a little less obvious.

The mount is what holds the chassis in the plaskon case.


   It's not much to look at but it works just fine!

   The wiring inside is grafted into the amplifier circuit and is also tied into the radios original on/off/volume switch. So, you can be listening to the radio on any AM channel and if you have your external source (the one pictured is a small portable CD player) you then plug in the source.  The radio signals automatically cut out and the external source cuts in. You can listen to your favorite FM station via a small FM tuner or radio, you can listen to your favorite CD or you can listen to a variety of songs via Satellite radio (I have an XM "Roady" for my cars and for my home) or your iPod, or mP3 or any such source.

    This is a true "plug and play" item. No other dials to turn (except volume), no switches to throw...nothing. Just plug in the external source and it plays through the radio just like the AM radio station was just a few seconds earlier. Once you are done listening to the external source you just unplug that set and the radio automatically returns to the previously playing station...immediately. This plug works the same way as an on/off switch would work except you just plug it in.....

     It is a set up much like the "phono" plugs of the vintage radio heydays....except for one thing.....those early factory set-ups had a plug in and a switch. The switch was typically a slide switch. Up for AM radio and down for phono (with the phono jack plugged in that is) This one is an auto switch and eliminates that slide switch.




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