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       Welcome to our new website

         We hope you have a good time “poking around”

       There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of websites on the internet for the restoration and sale of antique radios. For those brave souls that trudged on before me, I thank you.

       Without you I would never have become interested in this fun and fascinating hobby….the enterprise of tube radios and antique electronics is dedicated to those interested in early radio and electronics as a hobby, or who just want to take a nostalgic trip to an age gone by….the "golden age" of radio from the early Teens to the 1950’s.

       Offered here are items for sale, information about the restoration of these great collectable tube radios, and a little about myself and my (ever growing) collection of Tube Radios and Antique Electronics and Electronic devices.

       I hope you will have fun, learn something new, see something unusual or just revel in the beauty that is long gone from our society. Enjoy the graceful lines, unique styling, majestic presence and unequaled sound quality of real tubes, real wood and real quality workmanship that went into beautiful pieces of art.

             If you are new to collecting radios...

  1)   Just because someone throws the word RARE at you a dozen times, doesn't make it so. Do some research, search the internet, read the radio guides, understand if it really is rare or not. Better yet, ask someone, heck ask several some ones.  Let's face it, everybody believes the old things they own are rare, even if they are not. Rare is oftentimes used to lure the unsuspecting or unknowledgeable into buying something for a 'great price'. This is call 'the hook' and it is used frequently by less than admirable sellers and unscrupulous dealers to get rid of something that they wish to make a huge profit on despite the obvious ruse. Rare is surely the most overused word in the antique radio sales business, especially on eBay. Be very careful there.

  2)   Condition is everything in old radios. It is like location is to real estate. Ask plenty of questions. A single crack or missing part will cut the value of a radio by 50%, and a pristine radio is worth twice what an average radio is. Even after asking plenty of questions, I have been disappointed with about half the purchases I've made online. Look for the reputation of the seller. The term "as is" unfortunately is usually hiding something that is not being described.

  3)   Catalin is an exotic plastic, and nothing else is like it. It is expensive and worth it. Don't be fooled by terms like "Catalin ?", "Catalin like", "similar to Catalin". These just aren't true, Also, unfortunately, items are sold in the radio area of eBay and online as Catalin that are not Catalin. This is a fraud, and a shame. Again, look at the feedback, and know the dealer. If you don't know, ask someone. Sent pictures to other 'radio experts'. Ask some other dealers and above all do some research before purchasing.

  4)   Very few old tube radios were originally sold in chrome, bright pink, yellow, bright red, blue, etc. Most of what you are seeing are re-paints, or chroming of metal cabinets. Very pretty, but not original. Again, if you are not sure, ask someone who would know. Understand what you are buying BEFORE you bid or buy.

  5)   Any radio with a tape deck was made after 1965, and is probably much, much  newer. Don't fall for these as sets from the 30s and 40s. If it looks new and has what you would consider newer electronics (like tape decks, transistors or in most cases AM/FM) it is simply not a collectable tube radio although some older sets have AM/FM or FM only. Again, research is the key. Ask me or someone else on the 'links' page. They can help make your decision.

  6)   If it sounds too good to be true, it is...or at least usually is.

  7)   Enjoy the radio collecting hobby as we do.     Good Luck.


  I have added an "Updates" page so you can see when I do updates on my webpage and what they are. Click here for the updates page.


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